How Bagels Are Made

AT ONE POINT in every person's life, the thought occurs: "just how do they make bagels so delicious and round?" We all wonder and marvel at the perfectly round design and fantastic taste - but where does it come from?

Wonder no more. In the following image essay, you'll see the exact process by which the best bagels in Los Angeles come into being - from flour to final product, you'll see every step of the production and baking process.

And we do everything right here at our bakery on Beverly Boulevard!

This is Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, family owned and operated in Los Angeles since 1953.

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Brooklyn Bagel Bakery is open 6AM-6PM seven days a week. We are located at 2217 West Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90057. Click here for a map and driving directions.

Learn more about our colorful bagel-making history by clicking here

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